People in Palestinian and Lebanon deserve life, freedom and safety


Source: LCHR Call to the international society

People in their short journey of life, strive for freedom and adequate income to secure a decent livelihood. People try bear or overcome the hardships of life to achieve their dreams. While on the other hand, governments steal or ruin these dreams by murder, plunder, torture and ill-treatment under the name of implementing their policies.

The long history of humanity is full of brutal and cruel stories about political systems and regimes that have led to the death and torture of millions of people, which was done under the name of achieving a noble cause by executioners and criminals of war. For example, Fascism and Nazism that have led to the death of millions and the destruction of whole cities and villages, are only sad, gloomy and depressing memories in the history of humanity.

Conflicts between people and governments have led to the production of mechanisms that organize and manage these conflicts, and international agreements and announcements that protect collectivism.

The U.S. is one of the biggest countries in the world because of its military and economic force. After the 11th of September, the U.S. decided to be the world sheriff, and thought that it can control and manage the world by force and by launching a war against terrorism, which have led to the emergence of statements, like “those who are not with us, are against us“. By that, the era of respecting international agreements, covenants, laws and U.N. decisions has ended. These laws and agreements are supposed to settle conflict situations.

This war against terrorism has made the U.S. occupy Afghanistan and then Iraq, without considering any international covenants, U.N. decisions or moral values. This war has led to the violation of all human rights, as it has led to the killing and injury of innocent civilians and the eviction of millions of families out of their homes and lands using forbidden weapons, like chemicals and cluster bomb. The justification of this war is to implement justice, democracy and freedom.

Many countries and governments have followed this path of evil. Naturally Israel as a U.S. ally, it has become the deputy by following the same path in managing its conflicts. Israel has launched a sweeping, brutal and inhumane attack against Lebanon claiming to disarm Hezb Allah and retrieve a number of kidnapped soldiers, causing daily massacres and carnage against the Lebanese people. These attacks have gone beyond self-defense. These attacks are not aimed for military soldiers, they are aimed for innocent civilians. The most recent massacre was yesterday in Qana, which have led to the death of 57 Libanese citizens, 34 of them were children. Israeli officials stated that there is no end to this war until Hezb Allah is eliminated, they also say that so far, they have only used 10% of their military force. Criminals are boasting of their crimes. They have stated that if a rocket was launched from any village, the whole village will be destroyed, and that they don’t care about children, women or old people. Power is the only ruling logic.

The silence and feebleness of the international society make it in collusion in this conspiracy against unarmed people who have no choice but to emigrate and become refugees after the destruction of their lands, homes, schools, hospitals, their whole infrastructure. Does the international society need more massacres and bigger bombs, in order to act? Do they need more corpses, bloodbaths, remaining bodily parts and torn-off limbs of children bombed by airplanes while they were on their way to school, in order to stop this aggression against innocent civilians?

It looks like that we must accept this war against terrorism -that is supposed to lead to global justice and peace- with indulgence, or we will be considered as enemies and suffer just like Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

LCHR wonders, can this brutality in implementing a project for a new Middle East to dominate the markets, oil fountainheads and people in the region be accepted? Aren’t the destructive and disastrous effects of this project clear enough? Despite the disability or collusion of some Arab governments in this project, do America and Israel think that these crimes will last for ever? Don’t they think that one day the people will bring down these corrupted systems in the wastebasket of history to retrieve their freedom and dreams to live safely in decently, just like what happened in Europe, Asia and Latin America? Do these criminals think that using brute force against people with the help of weak and spineless governments will prevent the people from knowing about their plans to seize their wealth?

LCHR asserts that the people’s silence is just the beginning of a strong and fiery resistance, especially after the end of the legitimacy of their governments and systems that have only led to their misery.

The LCHR sends its deepest condolences to the families of the innocent souls in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon who were victims to the implementation of despotic and savage policies and uncivilized actions.

LCHR calls the silent international society to stop this aggression, judge the criminals of war responsible for these massacres and look for new frameworks for international legitimacy instead of the existing ones that only serve the interests of one country, simply because it has the strongest military and economic force. As these massacres will lead to a major downfall and destruction and everyone will pay its price and suffer the consequences. Otherwise, we all must answer the call for help from Palestine and Lebanon and guarantee their people the rights to life, freedom and safety.