Presentation of reports at the UN Human Rights Council – Newsletter #43


On March 10th,
during the 25th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, in Geneva, the
Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik will present her reports on the 2013 missions to
Indonesia and United Kingdom, as well as the thematic report on Security of
Tenure. This last report is the result of two years of research, with
contributions from the civil society, governments and institutions throughout the
world, and it also includes a set of guiding principles on the subject. On March
11th, a side-event will further discuss security of tenure.

* Security of
Tenure: Report

After two years of dedication to the Security of Tenure Project, Rapporteur
Raquel Rolnik presents onMarch 10th her final report on the subject to
the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Click here
to read the report
. Visit our website to get all the information
about the Security
of Tenure Project

* Security of
Tenure: Side-Event

An event parallel to the 25th Session will take place on March 11th, from10am to 12am, at the Palais des
Nations, in Geneva, to discuss the guiding principles enclosed in the report on
Security of Tenure. More information on the event will be available soon.

* Mission Reports
Also on March 10th, the Rapporteur
will present her reports on the missions conducted in 2013. She visited
Indonesia betweenMay 30th and June 11th, and the United Kingdom between August 29th and September 11th. Check out the
reports in our website: IndonesiaUnited

* Live Session
To watch presentations and debates of the UN Human Rights Council session,
please access the UN Web TV.

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