Protest letter to the French Government against repression against the 4 DAL Activists


Dear Sir/Madam,


My organization wishes to express our outrage at the arrest of four activists belonging to DAL who were arrested violently while camping together with 200 families and homeless in front of the building of the Ministry of Crisis of Housing.

The police took away the personal belongings, tents and blankets of the families and have surrounded the families.

We demand the following:

– the government should immediately release the arrested activists;

– it should not bring any penalty or sanction against them;

– it should return all the confiscated belongings, including tents and

– it should immediately provide adequate housing to the 200 families and

We feel extremely sad that France, a very rich country with a rich tradition of upholding the principles equality and fraternity, would not provide adequate housing for its poor citizens and chooses instead to use the iron fist of the state to silence their legitimate cry for help.

Truly yours

Teodoro Anana
Assistant Coordinator
Urban Poor Associates