Publication of candidatures for HIC Presidency elections


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The Nomination step of the Presidential Election 2019-2023 has been successfully completed.


According to the requirements of the HIC Constitution and the HIC By Law – First part, and after a careful analysis of the nominations received by HIC Members with the right to nominate, we are pleased to report that we have received the valid nomination of two (2) persons for the position of HIC President:

– Ms. Adriana Allen of the DPU (United Kingdom), nominated by ten (10) HIC Members in good standing, and
– Mr. Malick Gaye of ENDA RUP (Senegal) nominated by five (5) HIC Members in good standing.

We congratulate Ms. Adriana Allen and Mr. Malick Gaye for their nominations and send them our best wishes for a successful campaign!

We remind you that only HIC Members in good standing will have the right to vote. We invite you to check your status on the list “Good standing on November 6 2019”. We encourage the HIC Members that must reactivate their membership to renew their membership fees before the deadline of Saturday November 9th 2019. The final roster of eligible voters will be published on November 15th 2019.

We apologize for the delay in the election process caused in part so we could issue a second call for nominations.

Please check the Candidates’ documents, clicking on the following links:

Adriana Allen:

Malick Gaye:

The two Candidates will campaign from Wednesday November 6th to Sunday November 24th 2019.

On November 25th, we will send HIC Members the call to vote.

Please consult the new Chronogram of Elections HIC President 2019-2023.

Message sent by the Electoral Committee;
Graciela Maiztegui (Argentina), Irene Escorihuela (Spain), Barry Pinsky (Canada), Humphrey Otieno (Kenya), Khadim Dahot (Pakistan), Khalid Alkhawaldeh (Jordan)