Rapporteur participates in different activities in Europe. Next mission will be in UK – Newsletter #37


In July,
Special Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik visited the European Investment Bank (EIB) to
discuss the right to adequate housing in projects financed by the institution.
The Rapporteur also took part in an event hosted by the European Economic and
Social Commitee, in Brussels, about social housing in the European Union, as
well as in a colloquium hosted by the European Federation of Public,
Cooperative and Social Housing (Cecodhas) about housing in times of social
welfare transformations. We remind you that the Rapporteur’s next official
mission will take place in the United Kingdom, late August/ early September.


* European Investment Bank

On July 1st, the Rapporteur participated on a series of meetings in the
European Investment Bank, which is revising its social safeguard policies. The
Rapporteur spoke about the promotion of security of tenure, the European
housing crisis, the prioritization of vulnerable groups, among other subjects
related to the right to adequate housing. To know more, click here.

* Housing in

At the end of June, the Rapporteur attended in Brussels, Belgium, a
debate promoted by the European Economic and Social Comittee about social
housing in the European Union. Next, she went to Leuven for a colloquium hosted
by Cecodhas on the challenges to the right to adequate housing in face of
recent social transformations in Europe. Find out more here.

*Security of

In July, the Rapporteur concluded a series of consultations related to
the Security of Tenure project. The consultations were held in Quito,
Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and Geneva. The Rapporteur also attended a round table
on security of tenure with humanitarian organizations and donors. Click here to
know more. Reports and presentations of all consultations are available in our
virtual platform
, and photos are available in our gallery.

* Mission to
United Kingdom

The Rapporteur will undertake an official mission to the United Kingdom
between August 29th and September 11th. If you have information, documents and
contacts on adequate housing in the UK, please send us by clicking here.

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