Renew your membership to vote during the General Assembly Meeting in Medellín!


We would like to remind you that it is
indispensable to renew your membership in order to vote in the upcoming General
Assembly meeting in Medellín on April 7 2014.

This General Assembly meeting will
include a vote on the HIC By Law. As such, is it extremely important to ensure
that you have renewed your membership and are able to vote.

The annual membership fee is determined
by a sliding scale related to your organization’s budget. Click here to review the sliding scale for
membership fees and payment procedures, and contact Marie at if you have any concerns.

If you are unable to attend the General
Assembly meeting in person, you may give a proxy to another voting HIC member.
Please click here to download the proxy form. Be sure to
fill it out and send it to the General Secretariat at before 31 March.

We are investigating the possibilities
of extending the General Assembly to facilitate online participation. Further
details will be available in the next HIC News bulletin.