Securing land and habitat rights can help safeguard women against  domestic violence and poverty – CSocD62 event report


Inclusive Social And Fiscal Policies: Key To Achieving Poverty Eradication And Women’s Right To Land And Habitat.

7th February 2024, UN Headquarters New York CSocD62 Side Event organized by Worldwide Network Nigeria, Habitat International Coalition, and Bahai International Community

2. Moderator: Mr. Andrew Allimadi, Coordinator, Cooperative Issues,   Division of Inclusive Social Development, UN DESA,

3. Speakers:

  • Jean Quinn. Chair NGO CSociD, & Director UNANIMA International
  • Mr. Dan Perell, Representative to the UN for BIC
  • Ms. Lydia Stazen, Chair, NGO Working Group to End Homelessness,  & Executive Director IGH, DePaul University, Chicago
  • Dr. Ronald King, Representative to the UN, ACCN
  • Dr. Ify Ofong, Main Representative to the UN, for WorldWIDE Network  Nigeria: Women in Development and Environment. & Convener, HIC- Women and Habitat Africa Working Group
  • Ms. Cecili Schirmeister, Representative to the UN for BIC

4. Sponsoring organizations: 

• WorldWIDE Network Nigeria: Women in Development Environment. • Bahai International Community, New York.

• Habitat International Coalition.

5. Objectives of the event 

The main objective of the event is to highlight the key issues driving more  people, particularly women into poverty and suggest effective strategies to  address the situation. The event discussed how inclusive social and fiscal  policies will enable governments and communities to achieve poverty  eradication and implement the SDGs.

The event also focused on how women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa and  some other countries in the global south are faced with discrimination and  barriers, such as lack of access, ownership, and rights to land, inheritance,  and property among others, due to cultural and social norms.

Securing land and habitat rights can help safeguard women against  domestic violence and poverty.

6. The key messages. Source: WorldWide Network Nigeria

The SDGs will not be fully achieved without addressing poverty and gender  inequality. Similarly, we cannot eradicate poverty without addressing  women’s rights to land and habitat.

Member States need to guarantee equal inheritance rights, implement gender-sensitive land laws and policies.

It is time to Identify and break down those traditional or customary barriers  to women’s right to land and habitat in order to achieve social justice and  poverty eradication.

Cooperatives and private sector have a key role in accelerating poverty  eradication and ensuring women’s right to land and habitat and should be  encouraged to thrive.

Source: Worldwide Network Nigeria

7. Outcomes and/or recommendations

There is an urgent need for Member States to implement and enforce all  policies, resolutions, protocols, treaties, and conventions on gender  equality and eradicate cultural norms and practices denying women their  human rights.

Member States need to work with partners, including civil society  organizations, community, and women leaders, as well as the private sector,  to ensure that women’s right to land and habitat is guaranteed.

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Source: WorldWIDE Network Nigeria: Women in Development and Environment