Sign the IUT Petition “Sitting Tenants” in Central and Eastern Europe


Sitting Tenants IUT-Petition

Sitting tenants are tenants in Central and Eastern Europe who, in the times before transition, acquired a civil right for resolution of their housing needs. Whilst varying from country to country these rights, either for public flats or private flats that were controlled by public authorities, entitled them to permanent, non-profit, secure and inheritable tenure in their homes.

Whilst most sitting tenants were offered a high continued level of protection of rights for those in properties restituted or handed back, to pre-war private owners or their heirs, under restitution laws the rights of the latter were minimised and the level of protection was severely reduced.

It is against the human rights of these tenants, and natural justice, that they should be expected to carry the burden of supporting the rights of the restitution landlords without support from the State.

We call upon all States to recognise the problems of Sitting Tenants in restituted dwellings and to protect their Human Rights by ensuring protection of rights equal to those afforded to all other Sitting Tenants.

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