The children living in Gaza’s rubble


This week marked the 1 year
anniversary of the conflict in Gaza last summer. Along with thousands dying or
experiencing injury, the Commission of Inquiry on Gaza report noted that 18,000
housing units were destroyed. To date, only 2% of the construction materials
needed to rebuild have entered the territory, and the construction of 12,600
housing units has yet to start (UNICEF).

The effect on homes has been not
only a loss of shelter, but also poor sanitation and incapacitated electricity. People are living in make-shift
homes, housing that is unsafe or are homeless.

The Special Rapporteur weighed in
the state of the right to housing in the region through a submission to the
Commission of Inquiry. For those interested to see her submission please
contact them via Facebook

Malak, 12, and her siblings and cousins
look out from her family’s partially
destroyed home, in the Shejaiya neighbourhood
of Gaza City.