The preparation of the Tunis World Social Forum is moving forward


Following the
international meeting held the 15th and 16th of December 2012, the preparation
of the Tunis World Social Forum is moving forward.

We remind you that the Tunis WSF will be organized
as follows:
– March 26 : Opening March
– March 27 : Revolutions and struggle processes
for dignity, freedom, democracy and social justice in Maghreb, Mashreq and all
over the world (self-organized activities)
– March 28 : Self-organized activities
– 29 March : Convergence assemblies
– March 30 morning : Global Assembly for action
– March 30 afternoon : Closing march in the
framework of the international solidarity day with Palestine.

The merging and enlargement phase has started
since the 24th of December.
It’s a very important step for the design of the
WSF program, as it will enable the Forum to fully play its role: foster
convergences between organizations working on similar topics but which don’t
know each other yet, so that they can exchange experiences and develop common
initiatives and actions at the international level.

You can, from now on, get associated to activities
proposed by other organizations, or suggest the merging of one of your
activities with an activity proposed by another organization.

To do so, visit the website

Log in with your
ID and password, and visit this page

Thanks to the diverse research tools (by key word,
by thematic axis…), you will be able to identify the activities close to
yours and to send a merging or a enlargement request to the organization which
submitted it.

The organization will automatically receive a
message informing it of your request; you will then be able to get in touch
with this organization in order to discuss the modalities to enlarge or merge
your respective activities.

The organization to which you sent the request
will eventually be able to confirm the enlargement or the merging directly
online, before the final registration.

You will be invited to confirm your activities,
and proceed to the final registration, as well as to their payment, from the
25th of January.

We strongly encourage you to visit the website to get engaged in this
new preparatory step of the Tunis WSF.

If you face technical difficulties, please contact
the address

If you need further details and advice regarding
the merging process and methodology, please contact the address

For any other general question regarding the
organization of the WSF, please contact the address

The WSF 2013 Organizing Committee