Towards the Global Nyeleni Forum on Food Sovereignty


HIC attended the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC) held in Rome in June 2023. The Coalition was represented by Sam Ikua, who works for Mazingira Institute, a historic and active HIC Member organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya. Sam Ikua is one of the coordinators in the youth working group on the Facilitation Committee of the IPC, to represent the youth constituency between different processes included the process towards the Global Nyeleni Forum on Food Sovereignty.

Global Nyeleni Forum – India 2025

The Facilitation Committee met to discuss the Nyeleni Process that will culminate into the Global Nyeleni Forum to be held in India in 2025. The meeting was attended by various constituencies represented in the Facilitation Committee as well as other IPC allies in areas related to the food sovereignty agenda. There have been other Nyeleni meetings in 2007, 2011 and 2015.

Proposals discussed during the working groups sessions

The main focus of the meeting was to identify the principles around which to organise the Nyeleni Forum to be held in 2025, themes of the Forum and the coordination structure for the Forum.

The principles will include inclusivity, self-organisation, transparency and accountability, respect and trust, non-discrimination and feminism. The themes will include food sovereignty and climate justice, social justice, human rights, racial justice, anti-capitalist, public health and trade justice. The proposed coordination structure will include a steering committee, international secretariat that will be fed into by the regional secretariats, and various working groups for thematic discussions and engagements.

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