Update about Urgent action against Evicted and Left Homeless, Jakarta, Indonesia


Source: Dian Tri Irawaty – UPC (email: upc@urbanpoor.or.id)

Dear Members and friends,

Below is the email adress of the Public Relation Division of Jakarta’s Government. There is no correct address for the North Jakarta’s City Major but I think you could send the protest letter to these addresses:

biro_humasp_dki@plasa.com or karo_humas@jakarta.go.id

Or fax could also send the fax nº (+62) 21 43930581 (the North Jakarta’s City Major office)

On recent development, almost all communities has already received the Third Notification Letter (order to demolish the houses in 24 hours).
This morning, Wardah met with Public Worker Minister (Djoko Kirmanto) and proposed our alternative solution (move aside on the land next to under freeway) and Djoko made arrangement that he will meet us on Thursday (6th September 2007) where we could discuss further about the eviction plan issue. If that so, then the eviction has to be postponed since there is still discussion and negotiation happening.

But, this afternoon, there is community (Sungai Bambu) which had visited by the public order officer and saying that the communities has to be evicted tomorrow.

It is urgent to have those letters faxed or sent by email as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for all the support.

Dian Tri Irawaty