2007 is over. We went through it with huge challenges, consolidating the organization to extend the legitimacy of our struggle for a major justice and equity, to identify a new president to ensure the continuity in the achievement of the drawn up goals, to get to know and inform about the social production of habitat processes; to advocate the housing rights and the right to the city in the world

From the Campaign for the Housing and Land Rights that started in the month of October, we have joined the forces with other networks for the global mobilization of the World Social Forum 2008.

We wish you a lot of strength to go ahead with these demands and struggles during 2008…

In February in Barcelona, just before the International Seminar on Women and Housing Rights (http://hic-net.org/foro/body.asp), we will have a Board Meeting and a General Assembly to define the Coalition strategy for the next three years (http://hic-net.org/news.asp?PID=549).

According to the HIC Constitution guidelines (http://hic-net.org/constitution.asp), we now invite you to update your membership.

In order to renew your membership, you should update your organization’s data –as well as yours— on the online service we have improved for this purpose (http://hic-net.org/membership).

Also annual dues should be paid to HIC.

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Best wishes and regards,
HIC General Secretariat