Victims of the Violation of Housing and Land Rights


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Victims of the Violation of Housing and Land Rights
Total Victims per Country 2004-2007
Violations in the Context of Privatization, Natural Disaster,
Internal Conflict, War and Occupation

These maps are the product of Habitat International Coalition’s Housing and Land Rights Campaign 2007 and HLRN’s Violation Database, charting documented cases during January 2004–September 2006. It covers cases of (1) forced eviction, (2) demolition, (3) dispossession and (4) violations arising from privatization of social housing, land and services. These maps also reflects increasing violations as a consequence of conflict, occupation and war, as well as the denial of refugees’ and displaced disaster victims’ right of return. Violations of secure housing and land tenure are on the rise, countries are falling short of their common Millennium Development Goal commitments of improving the conditions of a 100 million “slum” dwellers by 2020, but also demonstrating how violations of citizens’ rights to adequate housing and land lead to deteriorating living conditions and deeper poverty in all regions. Uncharted areas of these maps do not imply a lack of violations, but indicate a shortage of verifiable data and the need for more and improved monitoring.

This map shows total victims per country where data was available.

This map shows where privatization, natural disaster, internal confict, war and occupation are most prevalent and total victims affected by these factors.

This map shows the same information as the one before it, but we have added photos in the background so that you can use it for media and other purposes.