Video. Behind the scenes of Rio 2016 Games: the Hidden Match


Watch the Second Episode of
the #SupportRight2City Webseries

The Olympic flame goes out and athletes deservedly
and safely take home their medals: these inspiring images broadcast throughout
the Olympic Games may have masked a big hidden match: City for Profit X City
for People

The 2nd Episode of the #SupportRight2City series
tells the story of Dona Penha and her neighbors that were evicted from the
historicalVila Autódromo in Rio de Janeiro to give place to the
Olympic Park.

The abuses and violations to people’s Right to the
City committed prior and during the Games isn’t just a Rio 2016 story. It is a
story of dispossession and struggle for the Right to the City that takes place
every day in cities across the globe and a worldwide clash between a city
envisioned as a common good for its people and another city on sale for the
profit of few.

Which city do YOU think is worth fighting for?

To ensure people’s Right to the City worldwide, we
campaign for its inclusion in the New Urban Agenda, the document that will be
decided on by world leaders during the United Nations Conference on Housing and
Urban Sustainable Development – Habitat 3, in October 2016. Everyone’s Right to
stand for just, inclusive and sustainable cities, villages, and settlements
needs to be acknowledged everywhere.

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