Voting result of the Amendments to the HIC By-Law


July 2014

The General
Assembly has approved the amendments to Parts A and B of the

by a simple majority of HIC Members.

The Secretariat
General team thanks to all members who have contributed to the process of the
revision of the
By-Law, showing their
commitment to the Coalition.


HIC´s By Law must be redrafted following the new
Constitution contents. The General Secretariat produced a first draft of
proposed amendments of HIC´s By-Law which was presented to the members of the
Board on 6th March 2014. A second version, containing the amendments proposed
by the Board members, was presented during the Board Meeting in Medellin on 6th
April 2014. After this, a third version was drafted to be approved by the
General Assembly through electronic means.

Objectives of
the proposed amendments to the HIC By Law (2008):

-Update the contents of the former By Law according
to HIC´s 2013 Constitution.

-Offering Members the possibility of choosing the
type of contribution s/he wants to make.

-Strengthen HIC democratic procedures and
transparency, formalizing changes that appeared in HIC practice during the last

-Facilitate the participation of HIC members in the
construction of a stronger and more active Coalition.

-Giving the members the opportunity to share their
activities and their daily work.

-Implement the main agreements that were made
during the evaluation process (2012).

Voting result

HIC Members may consult the voting result by visiting the
“Amendments to the HIC By-Law” section on the
home page of the 
Member Space

If you have any trouble accessing the Member Space,
please contact the General Secretariat at