World Campaign for In-Depth Reform of the System of International Institutions


Habitat International Coalition

I am contacting you as a representative of an organisation that, we believe, could be interested in the “World Campaign for In-Depth Reform of the System of International Institutions”. If we have previously contacted you on this issue, or if your organisation is already promoting the Campaign, please go to the end of this email.

The Campaign is promoted by a group of organisations and individuals who, before the current problems in the world, claim for our democratic right to take part in the global decisions and want to walk together towards a real democratic system of global governance that contributes to a fairer, more equitable, divers, sustainable and pacific world. As it is stated on the attached Manifesto of the Campaign, we think it necessary to create an effective and democratic system of international institutions, a system which is capable of facing the challenges of this new century allowing the implementation of politicies that will transform the current reality.

On behalf of the Ad Hoc Secretariat of the Campaign and of the “World Forum of Civil Society Networks – UBUNTU”, on behalf of its organising committee and of all of the promoters of the Campaign, and especially on behalf of Federico Mayor Zaragoza (former General Director of UNESCO), I am pleased to invite your organisation to join the Campaign. Becoming a promoting organisation of the Campaign only requires agreeing with the statements in the Manifesto and joining it. Thus, the acceptation of this invitation means joining the Manifesto and becoming an organisation promoting the Campaign at:

In the case you join the Manifesto, we will contact you again in order to explore possible ways of cooperation between your organisation and the Campaign. You can find further information on the Campaign at:

Finally, I would like to emphasize the last meaningful activities and actions of the Campaign:

a) the “International Conference for the Reform of International Institutions”, a first brief report of which can be found at:

The GENEVA memo (

b) the “Open Setter to the new Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon”, which can be found at:

We hope you will join us in promoting the Campaign!

Yours sincerely,

Josep Xercavins i Valls
Ad Hoc Secretariat Coordinator