World Habitat Awards 2014: Finalists Announced!


BSHF is delighted to announce the
ten finalists for the 2014-15 World Habitat Awards, chosen from over 200
projects, from over 80 countries around the globe. From initiatives
focusing on homeless or marginalised people, large-scale lighting projects or
finance models as well as community self-build in indigenous communities, this
year’s finalists illustrate an impressive breadth of good practice in housing
led by inspiring people worldwide.

Infrastructure Finance Facility – Asia and Africa
Starting from the
philosophy that the poor are worthy of investment, this finance system enables
slum improvement projects in Asia and Africa to go ahead where bank finance is

of Audi União Shantytown, Curitiba – Brazil
Upgrading project using a
multidisciplinary, participatory approach to protect those living in high-risk
areas on river banks by providing safer and improved living conditions and
ensuring families can stay within the same area.

Habitat Improvements – El Salvador
Using locally sourced building materials, training
local households and embedding knowledge within local communities, this project
has enabled 300+ families to improve their housing and reduce the incidence of
Chagas disease.

– Finland
Building, renovating and leasing
buildings to house homeless people through partnerships with municipalities and
non-government organisations. Playing a lead role in a policy that is on target
to end long term homelessness in Finland.

People Building Their Homes – Mexico
Focusing on the right to adequate
housing for indigenous communities by providing technical assistance and funds
to enable people to build their own homes using traditional building practices
and locally available materials.

Back Safer with Traditional Construction Methods – Pakistan
Over 20,000 flood resistant houses developed and
built by the most vulnerable families using traditional building designs with
lime and bamboo, creating huge savings in cost and embodied carbon over
standard approaches.

of Light – Philippines
Recycled plastic bottles filled with water and a bit of bleach fitted
into roofs to provide day lighting and upgraded with an LED bulb, micro-solar panels
and battery to provide a low cost night lighting system lighting up 160,000
homes in the Philippines.