[Wsfic_fsmci] Newsletter WSF 2013


Statement from the Maghrebian Social Forum’s Steering Committee about the next
World Social Forum 2013, in Tunis

Oujda, the
7th of October 2012 / 20 Dhou Al-Qi’da 1433
The WSF 2013 will take place in Tunis from the 26th to the 30th of March. This
decision, taken after several consultations among social movements from Tunisia
and from the other Maghrebian countries, is confirming and specifying the
International Council’s decision taken in Paris (France) and iterated in
Monastir (Tunisia) in July 2012. The public authorities have been informed of
this decision.

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Report on WSF 2013 preparatory Assembly held in Monastir 12 to 17 july

A preparatory
meeting was held from July 12 to 17, 2012 in Monastir in preparation for the
next World Social Forum to be held in Tunis in March 2013.
Nearly 1,700 actors of civil society from around the world have gathered to
participate, debate, discuss and exchange in various workshops on the following

– “Freedom of movement and closure of borders”;
– “Democracy, Citizenship and Human Rights”;
– “Economic and Social Rights against neoliberal globalization and
– “Diversity, cultural rights, freedom of expression and access to
– “Environmental Protection”;
– “Women and the struggle for equality and against gender violence”;
– “Young and sociocultural struggles.”

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1- For a radical deepening of the revolutionary and decolonization
processes in the North as well as in the South,
through the development
of new social expressions against the political and market dictatorships, and
for the restoration of the people’s rights to self-determination and to the
full sovereignty over their ressources and their destiny.

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Origins of the Tunisian

It wasn’t meant to
happen in Tunisia,” said Robert Fisk, the famous English Journalist ironically
about the revolt of January 2011 that galvanized people –mainly youth –
throughout the Arab World, inspiring them to challenge the iron-fisted rules of
dictators who had seemed not long ago, strongly protected by their strong
police apparatus.

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Extension of WSf2013 – Tunis extended

Maghrebian Social Forum’s Steering Committee and the WSF 2013 Tunisian
Secretariat are endorsing the fact that the WSF 2013 will have an « extended »

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