A profound, human rights-based transformation of the global food system and economic model is urgently needed : Africa representation at the Committee on World Food Security


The dominant economic and food systems along with conflicts and wars are causing multiple crises evidenced by continuing, multi-layered food crises, catastrophic climate change, public health emergencies, and ever-rising levels of poverty and inequality.
HIC was part of the global popular consultation led by the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSIPM) in 2022 on the grassroots impacts of COVID-19, conflicts, and crises on the right to food and food sovereignty. Sam Ikua from Mazingira Institute  joined the Africa consultations in the lead up to the 50th session of the Committee on World Food Security, that took place from 10-13 october.
Committee food security Civil society Mechanism
The CSIPM Africa representatives attended the 50th Session of the CFS in Rome to present the declaration. The statement highlights the need to call on African governments, communities, organisations and all other groups of actors at the different levels of the African food systems to mobilise and engage together to truly take charge of the food sovereignty of Africa.
You can read the statement here.