New HLRN report: Conflict, Occupation and War amid Global Cease-fire

HLRN has produced a new publication on the occasion of World Human Rights Habitat Day 2021 and the ensuing month of related activities. The study Conflict, Occupation and War disaggregates data from the HLRN Violation Database to focus on the gross violations of the human rights to adequate housing and land in situations of ongoing conflicts, occupations and wars.

In recognition of the simultaneous call for a global cease-fire during the COVID-19 pandemic, the report covering 2020 and 2021 show how the world has defied that appeal to peace amid the complex crises of both the common public-health emergency and advancing climate change. The findings show 75,730,371–80,220,006 cumulative victims of gross habitat-related human rights violations amid current conflicts, occupations and wars, with subtotals of 11,135,280–11,698,225 alone during 2020, and a further 5,378,865 so far in 2021, with at least another 1,676,000 presently at risk.

This study represents the first time that HLRN takes such a global look at housing and land rights during all conflicts, occupations and wars within a specific timeframe. The publication provides a narrative summary of the findings and trends they represent, as well as a fully annotated data table to aid those monitoring evictions and displacements, among other human rights violations in the context of military operations and other armed violence carried out by states and other actors around the world.

Download the report: Conflict, Occupation and War: Habitat-related human rights violations since the pandemic-era call for a global cease-fire