Extension of the Vote for the Election of the MENA Representative to the HIC Board


 The result of the votes for the representative of MENA region at the Board has been the following:

  • Ms. Rana Ghanem: 7 votes
  • Ms. Taghreed Khalaf Abdul Razzaq Al-Nuaimi: 2 votes
  • Mr. Khalid Khawaldeh: 7 votes

Due to the fact that two (2) of the three (3) candidates have received the same amount of votes for the election of the Representative at the Board for the HIC-MENA Region, the Electoral Committee guiding the process has then decided to re-launch the vote and calls all the Members shown in the roster of voters to cast a second vote, this time selecting which one of the 2 candidates they are choosing for their representation at the HIC Board:

 The 2 remaining candidates are:

  • Ms. Rana Ghanem of Social Democratic Forum (Yemen)
  • Mr. Khalid Khawaldeh of Dana and Qadisiyah Local Community Cooperative (Jordan)

The candidate that will receive the higher number of votes will be the representative at the Board and the other candidate will be the alternate at the Board.

You can download each Candidate’s documents clicking on each document on HIC website on https://www.hic-net.org/candidates-for-the-elections-of-the-next-mena-representative-at-the-hic-board/.

Your vote should contain the following information:

  1. Your personal name
  2. The name of the organization you belong to
  3. The name of the Candidate you have chosen to be the Representatives at the HIC Board
  4. The date of your vote


To: gindeelk.kg@gmail.com, salimi.maede@gmail.com, tbrahim8@gmail.com and chniter.m@gmail.com.

My name:
The organization I belong to:
My Candidates is:
Date of my vote:

The ballot will only be considered as valid if this information is provided.

The opening date for voting is Sunday September 6th ; the closing date is Sunday September 20th. The votes will be counted and verified on Monday September 21st and the publication of results sent on Tuesday  September 22nd 2020.


One of the Members of the EC will send an acknowledgement of receipt to each voter after receiving your ballot.

Thanks for your participation in the HIC-MENA election process!

Best regards,

The Electoral Committee
Mr. Khalid Gindeel (Coordinator)
Ms. Maede Salimi
Mr. Taleb Brahim
Mr. Mongi Chniter