Ready to listen? New podcast series on feminist approaches to habitat


How do HIC Members and Allies learn cross-regionally to strengthen our collective advocacy muscles on feminist approaches to habitat?

Over six months through a facilitated mutual-learning process, HIC members came together to discuss and learn about the different manners and strategies that women across the world have been developing to protect and claim their housing and land rights, as well as connecting on how to further develop and complement these.

Now all these experiences and learnings will be available on a podcast series that will be released during March, to engage more people in this learning journey.

Stay tuned every week!

The podcasts from the multi-level advocacy co-learning space and land-rights co-learning spaces will be available soon.

Available at Soundcloud / Ivoox / Spotify

1st episode: Why feminist approaches to habitat? history and journey in different regions of the world

2nd episode: Inequalities faced by women, girls and diversities in Latin America, Africa and Middle-East and tactics to combat them