Result of HIC President 2019-2023 Election


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Message from the Electoral Committee to vote for the HIC President 2019-2023:

HIC Electoral Committee is pleased to inform the result of HIC Presidential Election process that took place between July 2 2019 and December 8 2019.

According to the information provided by the General Secretariat, 89 Members had the right to vote for the 2019 Election of the HIC President.

We received a total of 63 votes, from which 61 were valid: 2 organizations sent their vote after the deadline stated in the Electoral Committee. As such, these 2 votes are considered invalid.

The final results are:

  • 37 votes in favor of Adriana Allen
  • 24 votes in favor of Malick Gaye
  • 2 invalid vote
  • No blank vote

The votes’ breakdown by region is the following: Africa: 15, Asia: 1, Europe: 6, Latin America/Caribbean: 31, Middle East/North Africa: 7, North America/Canada: 3

The total 63 votes represents the participation of 71% of the eligible voting members, the quorum being over the minimum 10% established by the HIC By Law.

We certify the validity of this electoral process, as described in the HIC By-Law.

According to these results, Mrs. Adriana Allen is the HIC President for the 2019-2023 mandate.

We thank the HIC Members for their participation, warmly welcome our HIC President, thanking Malick for his participation!

Best regards,

The Electoral Committee:

Graciela Maiztegui (Argentina), Irene Escorihuela (Spain), Barry Pinsky (Canada), Humphrey Otieno (Kenya), Khadim Dahot (Pakistan), Khalid Alkhawaldeh (Jordan)