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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
Call to take part in the World Social Forum and the World Assembly of Inhabitants
Source: No Vox, International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI) and HIC
Urban and rural inhabitants for a life of dignity!
Date published: 12-16-2014

HIC President Election 2011 : Call to vote
Source: Electoral Committee for President Election 2011
Communication N° 06/CE-HIC-2011

Date published: 09-01-2011
HIC President Election: Extension of deadline for closing date of the voters list
Source: Electoral Committee for President Election 2011
Communication N° 05/CE-HIC-2011

Date published: 08-27-2011
Across the globe, demonstrations, meetings, films and other events will be organized by you and others during the World Habitat Days, 16 September – 31 October 2011.  This map will showcase your events locally as well as for the larger movement. Now, promote and share your event: Fill out this form Send a tweet with links to the hashtag #WHD2011 Send an email to worldhabitatdays@gmail.com with complete details To view the map, click on the map above or visit...

Date published: 08-22-2011
Boaventura de Sousa Santos* In spite of their specificity, the violent riots in London and other British cities should not be seen as an isolated phenomenon. They are a disturbing sign of our time. In contemporary societies a high inflammable fuel is flowing underneath our collective lives unsuspected of families,communities, social organizations, and politicians. When it rises to the surface, propelled by a spark-like incident, it may provoke a social fire of unimaginable...

Date published: 08-21-2011
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