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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
Join the coordinated demonstrations on October 6th surrounding this topic. Send us information on what is being organized in your country, and we will spread your activities.
Date published: 10-03-2014

Dear HIC Members: We are forwarding a message from HIC’s Member in Bahrain, where the World Urban Forum will take place in 2012. Also see links following the message by Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights below.   Estimados miembros de HIC , Encontraran abajo un mensaje (en Ingles) proveniente de Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (Sociedad de la Juventud de Bahréin para los Derechos Humanos) miembro de HIC de Bahréin, donde se realizara el Foro Urbano...

Date published: 02-12-2011
  We the undersigned organisations call on the Government of Ghana to stop the forced eviction of people living in informal settlements along Accra’s railways. On 21 January 2011 the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) announced it would demolish structures built next to railway lines in Accra, in order for construction work on the lines, planned as part of a nationwide revamping of the railway infrastructure, to begin in February. These structures are home tothousands of poor...

Date published: 02-08-2011
The group of arrested human rights defenders includes three staff of the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights, a long-standing HIC Members organization

Date published: 02-05-2011
The Electoral Committee for Francophone Africa Election is pleased to announce the result of the electoral process

Date published: 02-04-2011
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