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Time to Evict the Crisis
The World Social Forum (WSF) will be held in Tunis, Tunisia, from 24 to 28 March 2015. The WSF 2015 will be held at a crucial time for the social movements that want more justice, freedom and solidarity. The aims and guidelines chosen consider the political, social and economic changes in Maghreb-Mashreq, and on the African Continent, and of the ecological and economical worldwide crisis. The identified aims are only indications to a better support of all of those crucial questions, and...
Date published: 02-11-2015

HIC Evaluation Process
Source: HIC-GS
Greetings, As you may already know, a global evaluation of HIC will be conducted this year in order to assess the Coalition’s strengths as well as the challenges that we will face in the coming years. In collaboration between HIC and Misereor, three evaluators have been chosen to guide this task and we would like to present them here below: Carlos Guerrero, an Ecuadorian architect based in Barcelona, is Director of ASDE (Sustainable Development Alternatives). Jennifer...

Date published: 04-11-2012
  Greetings from the Observatori DESC! We would like to thank the members of HIC-Europe for their trust in electing me as HIC Board representative for the region.     Observatori DESC is a platform of organizations and individuals whose main objective is the promotion of social rights. In recent years, an important part of this work has been to denounce the increasing decline in the realization of social rights in general, and in particular of the right to...

Date published: 04-11-2012
A paradigm shift for just, democratic and sustainable territories: Urban and agrarian reform, now!

Date published: 04-06-2012
Applications for the upcoming study visit to the Community Programme for Neighbourhood Improvement, winner of the 2011 World Habitat Awards, are now accepted

Date published: 04-02-2012
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