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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
Join the coordinated demonstrations on October 6th surrounding this topic. Send us information on what is being organized in your country, and we will spread your activities.
Date published: 10-03-2014

Join us Thursday October 2 at the Maison des Associations, Geneva

Date published: 10-01-2014
The UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing invites interested civil society actors to share contributions, comments and information for her first report to the Human Rights Council on the issue of the responsibilities of governments at the sub-national level (state, provincial and municipal) in the implementation of the right to adequate housing. The report will be presented in March 2015, at the 28th session of the Council, but must be submitted early December 2014. The report...

Date published: 09-29-2014
The housing problem in Argentina is a complex phenomenon. It manifests itself in diverse ways and responds to diverse causes. Standing out among them are: the difficulty of access to housing for the most neglected sectors of the population and a large portion of the middle class, the serious problems of lot access, the expulsion of working class and poor people from the cities, the lack of basic infrastructure in neighborhoods, squats, and shantytowns, and the need for improvements in...

Date published: 09-23-2014
Minutes from Habitat III events during the Prep Comm1, September 17 th: 1. Prep Comm 1 for Habitat III. New York City, September 17, 2014. 2. Side Event: Huairou Commision and UCLG focused on the issue of inclusion: "Making cities suitable for all”. * To download the minutes, please click here. ...

Date published: 09-21-2014
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