Documents and Publications

Policy Paper on the Right to the City

The Policy Paper on the Right to the City has been prepared for the 6th Congress of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) to take place along the World Summit of [...]

The HIC Annual Report 2017 is out!

This annual report presents the work of HIC during 2017 in defense of human dignity, social justice, equity, diversity, solidarity and peace. HIC Members and Allies are actively involved in this task in all continents.

HIC and the Habitat III Conferences

"Habitat International Coalition and the Habitat Conferences 1976-2016" brings together the memory of 40 years of local and global struggles and HIC’s experiences throughout the process of the Habitat Conferences [...]

Planning [In]Justice : Spatial Analysis for Urban Cairo

This publication considers the contemporary issue of spatial inequality in the Greater Cairo Region (GCR), it provides the historical context of urban governance, the built environment, and national policies and developments in Egypt.

Alternative Report on Africa

A report for Africa by Africa. Intellectuals, activists and citizens gathered around the Alternative Report on Africa have the ambition to overthrow the sordid and economicist visions conveyed on Africa. AROA intends to be a key initiative
that will repair-correct the methodological approach, areas and issues addressed, and deepen and
diversify indicators and measurement, but above will be a place where philosophical and ideological
analysis on Africa will be reversed.

Minutes of the 2017 General Assembly

The General Assembly of HIC, held in Nairobi on October 10, 2017, had a great participation, good spirit and excellent willingness. The Assembly was attended by 51 participants from 36 organizations and 23 countries.
HIC's global struggles for social justice, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, and the defence, promotion and realization of human rights related to housing and land in both rural and urban areas are reflected in the daily work of HIC Members in Africa.

London Citizens Housing Manifesto 2016

The London Citizens Housing Manifesto, 2016 has been developed through a rigorous, democratic process led by our 220 member institutions across London. This document outlines the result of that process and makes four proposals to tackle the housing crisis.