International Women’s Month

Women in their full diversity have the agency to claim their right to housing and land

One day is not enough

As in every year, on the 8th of March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. However, one day is not Enough to advance women’s and girls’ rights in all spheres of life. Women and girls around the world are permanently leading the fight for the protection of human rights for all, playing a key role in community leadership and the protection and collective management of essential resources.

This International Women’s Day and during the whole month of March

We want to highlight that  improving women’s access to use of and control over land and productive resources is essential for ensuring women’s equality and enjoyment of human rights related to habitat

Let’s make our voices be heard: Women care, have voice, agency and rights

Thus, this international Women’s Day, we call for fair redistribution, recognition and parity of political participation for all women across the world, regardless of their race, age, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or mental and physical ability.

Because gender disparities continue being alarming and cross-cutting:

Women are targeted victims of violence at home and in contexts of conflict and environmental disasters, climate change and conflict disproportionally undermines women’s health, education and livelihoods. 

In relation to housing and land:

  • Less than 15 % of the world’s landholders are women;
  • In large portions of the world they are systematically denied access and rights to land;
  • Tenure insecurity increases their physical, social, and economic vulnerability
  • These issues are heightened by the large gender gap that remains in women’s access to decision-making and leadership

Join us in celebrating the struggles and leadership of women and girls’ in all their diversity in claiming the rights to housing and land!

We choose to do so by visibilizing and highlighting women’s and girls’ mobilization and collective agency in their communities, recognizing the key role played by their leadership to claim and protect Human Rights for all. We do so by acknowledging the diversity of women and of the contexts and situations and territories that they live in. 

This is how our March looks like

HIC Side event at the 67th Commission on Women

HIC will join the 67th session of the Commission on the Status of Women with a side-event focused on the role of digital Inclusion for achieving gender equality in the access, use, ownership and control of land and habitat related rights. The session will explore the role of digital learning and facilitate the cross-regional exchange of experience of community-led social and technological innovations for equitable, safer and democratic cities. 

The in-person event will take place on Wednesday,  8th March 2023 from 4:30PM EST at the Church Center for the United Nations (CCUN) 11th Floor. 

Podcast Episodes from the co-learning spaces on feminist approaches

How do HIC Members and Allies learn cross-regionally to strengthen our collective advocacy muscles on feminist approaches to habitat? Over six months through a facilitated mutual-learning process, HIC members came together to discuss and learn about the different manners and strategies that women across the world have been developing to protect and claim their housing and land rights, as well as connecting on how to further develop and complement these.

Now all these experiences and learnings will be available on a podcast series that will be released during March, to engage more people in this learning journey.

Stories where women are the protagonist in defending housing and land rights

The list of women who, from the history and present of our Coalition, have and continue to struggle to make visible the role, experiences and rights of women and girls to be respected is long. The intention of this initiative is to publicly disseminate, recognize and value their work.

We aim to make visible, recognize and celebrate the work of those women and collectives within HIC Membership and Allied organizations that fight for our rights related to habitat and social justice.